2014 Show Award Winners

Showmanship: Owned Animals
Class 1: Experienced
Class 2: Novice
Class 3: Non-owned - Kelsey Jurgulowicz
Class 4: Non-owned Novice
Class 5: Pixie: Lacey Sillanpaa, Macalie Forrest

Preview Jackpot Steer Show
Tyler Dexter "Houston" weight 942
Anna Fredrickson "Oak" weight 1140
Monique Bickford "Jackson" weight 926
Ethan Oatley "Gavor" weight 984
Olivia Oatley "Neon" weight 914

Youth Steer Show
Champion: Morgan Clauss "Peach Crush" weight 932
Res. Champion: Olivia Oatley "Neon" weight 914

Fryeburg Fair Scramble Steer Show
Champion: Autumn Clair "TNG Pedro" weight 920
Res. Champion: Tyler Leight "Ricky" weight 848   

Cumberland Steer Show
Champion: Tyler Goodwin "Mack" weight 786
Res. Champion: Ryan McGinty "Jack" weight 1032

Angus Steer Show
Champion: Sydney Wilson "Spring Hill Classic" weight 886
Res. Champion: Jared Kimball "Holbrook" weight 816

Belted Galloway Steer Show
Champion: Ethan Oatley "Spruce" weight 788
Res. Champion: Olivia Oatley "Klondike" weight 832

Hereford Steer Show
Champion:  Tyler Dexter "Winston" weight 1006
Res. Champion: Luke Winslow "Oliver" weight 992

Group of Three Steers
Ethan Oatley
Olivia Oatley

Bred and Owned Steer Class
Ethan Oatley
Olivia Oatley

Jackpot Heifer Show (5 placings)
Tanner Francis - AOB
Caroline Oatley - Simmental
Olivia Briggs - Chianina
Lily Barton - Maine Anjou
Fallon Oatley - Belted Galloway

Heifer Show - by Breed

Champion: Caroline Oatley - Jr. Yearling "PCSC Sassy Style 2A"
Res. Champion: Sydney Wilson - Summer Yearling "Frontier Queen 6163"

Champion: Annie Rathbun - Summer Yearling "Ramsey"
Res. Champion: Eric Carroll, II - Summer Yearling  "June Bug"

Belted Galloway
Res. Champion:

Champion: Olivia Briggs - Spring Yearling "Bonnie Bell"
Res. Champion: Anna Fredrickson - Summer Yearling "THF Second Wind"

Champion: Anna Fredrickson - Junior Yearling "Perfect Pixel"
Res. Champion: Philip Clair - Summer Yearling "Buttercup"

Lowline Angus
Champion: Kaylee Donaldson - Spring Yearling "TNG Indy"
Res. Champion: Lauren Pride - Spring Yearling "PFF Lucy"

Maine Anjou
Champion: Lily Barton - Spring Yearling "MLJM Denver's Answer"
Res. Champion: Anna Fredrickson - Spring Yearling "AJF Tallulah"

Champion: Alexis Meisner - Senior Calf  "CCC Pearl"
Res. Champion: Lily Barton - Summer Yearling "WEIK My Perfect Love"

Champion: Caroline Oatley - Junior Yearling "GRTF Splish Splash"
Res. Champion: Lily Barton - Summer Yearling "Halls Miss Starmaster"

Commercial Heifer Show
Champion: Derrick Gernatt
Res. Champion: Tanner Francis

Overall Champion Heifer Show (from all registered breeds)
Grand Champion: Caroline Oatley - Simmental "GRTF Splish Splash"
Res. Champion: Lily Barton - Maine Anjou "MLJM Denver's Answer"
3rd Caroline Oatley - Angus "PCSC Sassy Style 2A"
4th Olivia Briggs - Belted Galloway "Ophelia"
5th Sydney Wilson - Angus "L & S Bismarck Luna"